Pakistani Girls at Screening for the Movie Bol in Lahore.

July 22, 2011

Lollywood Movie Bol screening at Cinestar, Lahore Famous lollywood and Pakistani TV stars gathered at Cinestar ,Lahore for the screeing of Movie Bol.

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Pakisani Girls at Cinestar Lahore

Pakisani Girls at Cinestar Lahoret

First Pakistani Woman weightlifter in American weightlifting championship

July 16, 2011

First Pakistani Woman weightlifter in American weightlifting championship

Pakistani weightlifter woman in United States

Meera is talking about her self and about her family with Reema at Reema Show.

July 4, 2011

Meera is talking about her self and about her family with Reema  at Reema Show.

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Meera with Reema at Reema show

Meera with Reema at Reema show

Seven traits of Pakistani college girls

June 25, 2011

Girls always find plenty of emotional support, and friends for dance practises for weddings which gives the impression they are friends for life, but most will always confess to having some sort of beef with every girl they know or are friends with. I have seen the fluff of hugs, kisses and exaggerated pleasantries wear off as soon as one of them fails to call back in a day’s time. Most girls will judge everything their friends do.

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Pakistani College Girls

Cute Islamabad Girls at Couture closet Exhibition.

June 20, 2011

The Exhibition of Couture Closet in Islamabad Couture Closet brings the high street designer wear from all over the world to your city Islamabad with an exhibition, organized by Aricha at Modeville, a great new place for exhibition.

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Islamabad girls

Saima Mir at the 2010 Jinnah Awards in United Kingdom

June 20, 2011

veena malik exposing her self on the cover page of show time in India.

June 17, 2011

If she ‘ll be contacted by any kind of movies( you know what i mean) producer she’ll definitely do it just to get famous ,to me she has got inferiority complex and to prove her worth she is ready to do anything.

veena malik exposing her self in India

veena malik

Asma Shirazi and Saima Mohsin Dancing at US Embassy

January 25, 2010

CIA Public Relations at work? Do you expect this “Pakistani media” would tell you the truth and serves the interests of Islam and Pakistan? If you still believe that then may Allah help you and show you the righteous path before its too late for all of us.Shaukat Paracha, Asma Shirazi, Meher Bukhari, Saima Mohsin are some of the names that were in attendance, in a Drink & Dance party hosted by the US Ambassador to Pakistan, Anne W Patterson.

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Saima Mohsin dancing

Pakistani girls around the world

January 19, 2010

see the Pakistani beauty girls around the world… the snap…

Meera on Beach in Bikni

October 12, 2009

Some new pictures of Meera has been leaked on internet in which she was seen with his un-official husband at un-known beach and enjoying a very cool weather there.

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meera beach snaps

meera beach snaps


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